Milan show: This is the future: KTM 790 Duke prototype



KTM is planning to introduce a whole new bike to its Duke line-up: The 790 Duke. This is only a prototype bike, but it will most like be in production pretty soon, providing a natural stepping stone from the smaller bikes to the 1290 Super Duke R.


This is what KTM are officially saying about the prototype:

In terms of displacement, KTM can’t really make a case for growth. They can, however, justify the hunt for unparalleled poise. Telepathic levels of feedback. Lightness that’s off the scale. Hearing these goals, the KTM engineers first went crazy. Then something clicked. Then they went wild.

An inline twin emerged on the blank sheet: the LC8c. That ‘c’ stands for compact, ‘LC8’ for good times ahead. They fitted it with a tight suit tailored from hand-welded steel pipes, the finest suspension components from WP prototype development as well as a beautifully machined aluminium subframe and tail cowl.


And in order to slingshot this lightweight another couple of light years ahead, the electronics division plundered the experimental technologies lab. As a result, advanced ride by wire, next-generation riding assistance, integrated connectivity and tomorrow’s sensors are here today.

But that’s not the end of it. Imagine a quickshifter that takes its name extremely seriously. Custom ride modes. Personalized traction control. Outrageous design by KISKA. And – hold the press – there’s a 3D printer involved in the production of both the exhaust system and triple clamp. They are out of this world. Knockout rollout in Milan.

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