First Ride: Sinnis Bomber 125cc EFI



Economy, efficiency and effortless commuting ability in a stylish small capacity package.

Seeing the Sinnis Bomber for the first time, I couldn’t help but admire it. 
Yet another well-styled machine originating from China, I thought…

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It appears that there is an abundance of relatively low-priced 125cc bikes that will suit both new riders and those looking for an economical, efficient and effortless commuter bike. They’re the sort of machines that can make light work 
of filtering through congested roads and queued-up towns. I can see them becoming ever more popular as confusion builds over what vehicle we should buy next… Petrol? Diesel? Electric? Just walk, or heaven forbid – public transport?


The bike has a distinguished look, shouting out with its classic lines 
and the beautiful silver and black paintwork with contrasting golden yellow forks, shocks and badges. The removable headlight cowl, upside-down front telescopic forks and semi digital display (but no rev counter) 
all add to the many dimensions of 
this bike, as does the addition of modern equipment such as the hydraulic front/rear disc brakes. 
All these things come together to complement the wider Sinnis stable of retro-styled modern motorcycles.

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On the road

With the Bomber, I must admit I had some slight concerns regarding the dropped handlebars and how they would affect my riding position. 
I was a little worried about how 
much of my weight would be loaded onto my arms during longer journeys, but I am pleased to report that it 
has not been an issue at all. The front end does seem to feel quite light at speed which can be slightly unnerving until confidence in 
the machine is earned.

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The engine starts well and accelerates cleanly up the five gears to an unhindered and comfortable 60mph, where it will happily remain while you sit proud, easily cruising through the bends. You almost feel as if you are indeed back in the 1960s, zipping from one café to the next, even if you are only on your regular commute in to work.

I found the bike to be relatively accommodating, given its café racer type stance and I was impressed with the handling. Watch out for the slippery seat if you need to haul on the front brake though, just saying!

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Market contender

The Sinnis Bomber is up there among the best retro-styled 125cc bikes and with its proven Suzuki designed engine borrowed from the Sinnis Apache, this machine should hold its head high in the standings for this section of the UK bike market.

Words: Dave Bell
Images: Mau Spencer

Sinnis Bomber 125cc EFI
ENGINE: 125cc single cylinder, air-cooled 4-stroke
PRICE: £2395 (incl VAT + OTR charges)


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