Watch this video: It’s the 2014 hot onboard Isle of Man TT lap between Guy Martin and Michael Dunlop. You’ll LOVE this!

As he’s back on your telly screen this coming Monday at 9pm with the Channel 4 series Our Guy in China – what better reason do we need to show you this brilliant bit of video again?

What we have here is some terrific onboard footage from 2014. It’s one of our all-time favourite bits of film. This is shot from a camera mounted on Guy’s Tyco Suzuki as he chased after BMW mounted Michael Dunlop for a quick lap on The Mountain.


It’s one of the best onboard laps of the famous 37.75 mile long course you’ll ever see. And yes, it is from a while ago, but during a cold and grey winter’s day right now that doesn’t really seem to matter too muchy.

Enjoy this and turn the sound up loud. You’ll appreciate the noise in this excellent Duke video.




Tony Carter

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