A punctured tyre, bad on any vehicle, especially on a bike (ever tried pushing a bike with a completely flat tyre? And that’s if you’ve stayed on).  Puncture repair kits are useful, but what if you could treat your tyres so if punctured they stayed inflated?

Bike-Seal is an active system, specifically designed to be inserted into a tyre prior to a puncture occurring. It can safely remain within a tyre for its legal life. It is suitable for all pneumatic tyres, tubed or tubeless, (and car run flats) with no speed or distance restrictions and no shelf life.


It was first formulated by NASA in the 1960s for space suit protection; if a suit tears, consciousness will be lost in around 15 seconds with potential loss of life from 30 seconds to a minute, so every moment is crucial.The US military subsequently adopted it to protect their tyres from being shot! Bike-Seal holds validation of classified, independent testing by MIRA as commissioned by the UK military. Further independent testing also approved its use for the blue light emergency services.

The effectiveness of Bike-Seal is evidenced in a statement by a serving Police Officer (who cannot be named for obvious reasons).  He experienced 12 mm of damage in a front tyre on a 30 mile journey home from a road safety event. Bike-Seal sealed so quickly his Tyre Pressure Management System did not register. It was next morning when checking the bike that the damage became apparent. The tyre – which was given to Bike-Seal to demonstrate it’s effectiveness – was replaced, but job done.

Bike-Seal is an eco-friendly product that has no shelf life and will not separate or harden because it is non-chemical. A vehicle can be placed in storage for many years, and whilst tyres may perish through old age, the product will not change state although it will probably discolour due to the oils within a tyre.


Bike-Seal bottles are designed specifically for ease of self-installation, accompanied with full instructions. The process is simple: Removal of valve core, tyre deflation, attachment of tubing to insert the product and finally re-inflation of the tyres.  Refer to the tyre guide on the website or contact Bike-Seal to make sure you insert the correct amount for your tyres.


Bike-Seal comes in a 550ml bottle (enough to treat 2 tyres for most large motorbikes) for £30 (£32 with a reusable syringe applicator, which is only required for tight right angle valves that may have a restricted inner bore, or out of preference)  A new applicator can be bought separately for £3.   There is also a 250ml bottle for £18 for when a tyre is replaced, or bicycles.

Bike-Seal also sells a small range of other complimentary accessories, such as own brand UK exclusive self-vulcanising puncture repair kits with genuine Safety Seal components (TUV tested over 180mph), tyre gauges and mini-compressor pumps.



Normally we would take the product and put it through its paces. But aside from shooting one of our tyres as we’re riding (and that would get us in a whole world of trouble) it is hard to do a traditional product test.  So we asked Bike-Seal to give us further explanation about how it works:

“A water base carries the second generation aramid fibres and rubber filler particles to matt together to form a dynamic plug when there is air loss. (The plug formed is able to flex with the tyre rubber and does not break down or harden like chemicals).”

“Once installed, it can plug/seal up to a 15 mm diameter puncture within 2-3 revolutions of a wheel, by a mechanical process and NOT a chemical reaction, losing negligible tyre pressure. (Ability to seal is dependent of course on the extent and location of the damage). Thorough monitoring shows 95% effectiveness on tubeless tyres and 75% effectiveness on tubes. Each puncture is unique and the extent of damage may not be visible to the naked eye, so Bike-Seal refuses to make bold “100% success” statements.  If the product cannot seal it will at the very least slow air loss to avoid a catastrophic blow-out whilst on the move.”

“Take a look at our photographs showing the aramid fibres inside and out. When choosing a product you should always be able to see actual evidence of a product in situ and after cleaning.”

“Testing has shown Bike-Seal can seal so quickly that a rider may not even be aware a puncture has occurred.  Later when a tyre is inspected, the cause of a puncture such as a nail can be safely removed.”


Bike-Seal is a family run business based in Somerset. The Director is a passionate motorcyclist and the family has years of experience with classic and performance cars and 4 x 4s. They provide a personal service and are always happy to assist with any queries and talk bikes. The product is available direct online or by telephone, or via a network of dealerships and workshops listed on their website. They also demonstrate and sell at a wide range of shows and exhibitions throughout the year.

01278 671900 / enquiry@bikeseal.com / www.bikeseal.com

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