Milenco are one of those companies you might not have heard of as a biker.  But if you take the security of your bike seriously, I’d suggest it is a name to consider.

Milenco has been around since 1993, initially providing security in the automotive sector before expanding into the leisure vehicle arena (such as caravans).  Over the years they expanded capacity to make premium brand products for Swedish, German and American companies.


In 2015 the decision was made to move into motorcycle security with their own range.  After a three year research and development programme  their bike range debuted in November 2018.

The range consists of Chains, U-Locks and Ground Anchors (they also make a carry-bag for the locks/chains and a helmet cable to be used in conjunction with the other products in the range).

  • There are three levels of U-Lock (Dunrod, Dundrod + and Dundrod ++) the main difference being the length of the shackle).
  • The Chains are available at four levels (Colraine, Dundrod, Dundrod + and Snaefell); all are made from Chrome-Molybdenum Steel, with the Snaefell lock and chain being one of the few products that achieves Sold Secure’s ‘Diamond’ rating.
  • There are two ranges of Ground Anchors (Dundrod: an arch that is riveted to the ground, Snaefell: A hinged product that can lie flat and allows the use of thicker chains)

The entire range is developed and assembled in the UK.  Obviously the techniques employed are a closely-guarded secret, but Milenco did say the entire range is tested at Sold Secure’s state of the art facility where the engineer undertakes a series of physical attacks.


And clearly their techniques work.  100% of Milenco’s motorcycle products carry the ‘Gold’ Sold Secure certification (they make one product for small scooters that carries the Sold Secure ‘Silver’ scooter rating), with the Snaefell range being one of the few products in the world that carries the ‘Diamond’ rating: To get this, it has to withstand an attack by an Angle Grinder for more than three minutes!

Milenco’s products have also gained ART certification (ART is from Holland, this is an international standard similar to Sold Secure), with the Snaefell currently the only lock to carry both Sold Secure Diamond and ART 5 Star rating.

To help guide the customer, Milenco devised their own security rating system to show how “secure” a product is within the parameters of their entire range.  For example; the Coleraine 9mm chain and lock has a Milenco rating of 13 which indicates that it won’t be as secure or strong as the Dundrod 14mm chain with a rating of 25.  All products carry a lifetime warranty.




The cost depends on the product and level of security offered, when choosing you should consider the level of security required and physical restrictions such as where will it be used.


TESTED: Milenco Dundrod U-lock and 12mm Chain

Milenco kindly supplied the Dundrod U lock and 12mm chain (140mm long). This carries a Milenco rating of 20 and retails at £99.99 (the U lock can be purchased on it’s own for £55.99 and the chain by itself for £54.99).

Obviously with both lock and chain carrying the Sold Secure Gold rating, I’m confident both items will keep my bike safe from physical attack!  So the testing was concentrated on ease of use, transport and effectiveness as a visual deterrent.

Before ordering, check the diameter of the cooling holes on your disc.  The Dundrod fitted the larger (but not the smaller) holes on my Vulcan’s front disc easily, but it was a tight squeeze on my wife’s Shadow.  So if using on it’s own, make sure the lock will fit your disc.

The key turns easily in the lock every time, and it is easy to slip the shackle through the chain.  At 1.4 metres, the chain is long enough to slip round a post but short enough to  – with careful mounting – keep it from dangling on the floor (makes it harder to try to cut).

At home, you keep your bike out of sight as much as possible, but if parking in the open you want to make it quite clear to thieves your bike is well protected.  And the bright yellow lock, in conjunction with the bright blue and yellow chain cover, stands out at a distance.

If you are intending to use the chain and lock away from home, at 5KG I’d suggest it’s not a good idea to stash in your backpack.  If the worst happens, you don’t want this banging against your spine.  Milenco make a carrybag (£19.99).  It secures to your bike by two lengths of bungee (the ones Milenco supply are very short – ideal for our bikes, but if you have to secure lower down on the bike you’ll have to supply your own).  It is *exactly* the right size to take the lock and chain combo.  Off the bike, it has a small carry handle.








When considering physical security for your motorcycle, the Sold Secure sticker is a must.  Sold Secure are owned by the Master Locksmiths Association.  They work in conjunction with the Police, Major Insurance Companies and former criminals, Sold Secure devise a range of tests.  Only the best products pass this stringent criteria.

For motorcycles, there is one general level, the ‘Gold’ (scooters have a two-tier ‘Silver’ and ‘Gold’ rating).  To achieve this, the product being tested must resist an attack for a minimum of five minutes by a combination of (but not limited to) the following:

Concealable hand tools (screwdrivers, chisels, picks, shims, cutters etc),  hacksaws and drills with various blades/bits, pry / wrecking bars, club and sledge hammers, bolt croppers of various sizes, splitters / separators and freezing agents.

To pass the ‘Diamond’ level test (the highest physical security test level Sold Secure certificate), the product must be able to resist attack by an angle grinder!  Milenco’s Snaefell range is one of the few products in the World that has gained this certification.

A Note regarding Thatcham:  You may have seen products carrying the ‘Thatcham’ certification.  Thatcham was formed by the Motor Insurers Association in the 1990s; their physical testing has been superseded by Sold Secure.




Ross Mowbray

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