Suzuki hits the retro button (even more) with the Katana 7584 motorcycle. The uber-retro retro superbike

This bike has made an appearance at the Verona show in Italy – and we like it.

Basically, it’s a Suzuki Katana homage kitted out in a silver, blue, red and orange colour scheme direct from 1984 (hence the 84 in the bike’s name).

The usual, modern Suzuki ‘S’ on the tank gives way to a larger ‘Suzuki’ word, the air intakes on the side panels have gone. The two-tone red/black seat adds to the overall look, the front mudguard is carbon and the exhaust is a complete Yoshimura system with steel pipes and a carbon end can.


There’s no comment on is this particularly sweet-looking example of the Katana will go on sale, but given how huge the growing ‘Katana Specials’ market is in Japan at the moment, there’s a good chance that this will appear in the domestic range at least.

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