The MCIA is asking bikers and scooterists to write to their MPs and ask why the government isn’t promoting two wheelers as an alternative to public transport.

With social distancing still in place to help limit the spread of the coronavirus, you’d think the government would be shouting about the advantages of motorcycles and scooters. They’re not. That’s why the MCIA wants us to get in touch with our local MPs and ask why Grant Schapps didn’t include bikes and scooters in his list of alternatives to public transport.

During his briefing over the weekend, Secretary of State for Transport Grant Shapps didn’t include bikes and scooters as in his list of alternatives to public transport. The MCIA reckons in needs addressing. We agree.


That’s why the MCIA has created a template letter for you to send to your local MP to try and help change opinion. All you’ve got to do is find the contact details for your local MP by clicking HERE, and send off the letter. Easy.


I am writing to you as one of your constituents who is a user of a Powered Two Wheeler (PTW) who would like to know why Government is not endorsing their use as an alternative to public transport.


PTWs, in the form of low and zero emission scooters and light motorcycles, are a clean and efficient transport mode that require little road space for travel or parking and which can meet the needs of a variety of commuters, while at the same time fulfilling their social distancing and environmental obligations.

In the current climate they are the perfect alternative for those who would usually use public transport, but for whom walking and cycling are not viable options.  Access to small PTWs is straightforward, with most requiring just the completion of a one-day training course, called CBT.

With so much going for them, it could be assumed that they would be heavily promoted by Government, as the country works towards easing lockdown, but unfortunately that is not the case.


In his briefing on Saturday, 9th May, the Secretary for State for Transport, the Rt. Hon. Grant Shapps MP, when promoting alternatives for public transport, extolled the road congesting private car and fast-tracked the consultation on un-regulated e-scooters, but ignored PTWs, even though they are already the choice of more than a million road users, like me, who are legal and regulated.

Consequently, I would very much appreciate your assistance in encouraging Government and others to promote PTWs as a valid alternative to public transport and beyond.

Yours faithfully

If you get a reply, the MCIA’s hoping you can pass it onto them. All you’ve got to do is forward it on to this email address –

Ross Mowbray

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