Shark Spartan helmet

There’s no denying that the Shark Spartan helmet is a good looking bit of kit.

I was immediately drawn to the Priona design with its bold, striking lines of red and white on a black background – and trust me, it looks even better in the flesh.


It comes with a fog-resistant Pinlock insert, which I found very easy to fit. To remove the visor all you need to do is lift it slightly and give it an assertive pull outwards. Simple as that, no tools required. The pinlock just slots in, then just reverse the process to put the visor back on.

Trying it on for size, it’s a lovely fit; no pressure points and a snug inner lining, and It fastens with a double-D ring chin strap. It also features an ‘Easy Fit’ system for riders wearing glasses, which allowed me to wear my specs with absolutely no discomfort.

‘Extremely happy’

The Shark Spartan is also very efficient at reducing noise levels. Don’t shoot me, but I haven’t felt the need to wear ear plugs with it for my slightly shorter commutes and social rides. I think that’s partly thanks to the ‘Shark Skin’ peakside fastenings, which are specifically designed to reduce any whistling caused by the wind.


There’s a double spoiler at the back of the helmet, which is designed to aid with aerodynamics, as well as housing a couple of air vents. You will also find ventilation on the chin and top of the helmet – both with an easy to use open and close mechanism.

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There’s also a slider on top, which reveals a drop down sun visor. It’s quite a reach back to find the slider, but I soon got used to its location.

Overall I’ve been extremely happy with the Shark Spartan. It meets all the requirements I need for my commutes and weekend social rides, and looks very cool.


I found it a very comfortable and secure fit, and most importantly very safe in knowing that I was riding in a quality helmet. For all the features and price, there’s really nothing to grumble about. Well done, Shark!

Tested by: Justin Blackamore | £299.99 |

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