A new study commissioned by WMB Pride has found that Scottish bikers cover the most miles each month – an average of 995 miles – whilst those in the East of England are likely to spend the most refuelling their motorcycle – to the tune of £129 a month.



The team at WMB Pride (www.wmbpride.bike) conducted the study as part of ongoing research into the attitudes and behaviours of motorists around the UK. In total, 2,491 British bikers aged 18 and over, were quizzed about their motorcycle usage.

Initially all respondents were asked what they most commonly used their motorcycle for. As many as one fifth (21%) use their motorcycle for all aspects of their life, with it being their main mode of transport, however, two fifths confessed that they predominantly use it for their ‘daily commute’ (33%). Of the remaining respondents, 29% said they mainly use their motorcycle for riding at the weekend, visiting new spots, whilst a further 10% use it for motorcycle gatherings, shows and events.

All respondents were then asked to estimate how many miles they rode each month, as well as asked to state the region that they lived in in order to determine any regional differences. Once all of the results were collated, it was found that the following regions contained motorcycle riders who covered the most miles:

  • Scotland – 995 (average miles ridden per month)
  • Yorkshire & the Humberside – 804
  • South West – 619
  • East of England – 586
  • Northern Ireland – 505

When asked to state where they were most likely to fill up their motorcycle, almost all preferred to fill up at a ‘local petrol station’ (86%) as opposed to a ‘motorway service station’ (10%). Following on from this, when asked to state how much they spent on fuel per month, the five regions who spend the most on fuel, on average, were found to be:

  • East of England – £129 (average monthly spend on fuel)
  • North West – £95
  • South East – £92
  • South West – £90
  • Wales – £87

A spokesperson for WMB Logistics commented: “It’s no secret that we’re up there as one of the most expensive countries in the world for fuel, but it’s a must-have to get around, whether we’re driving a car or riding a motorcycle. It’s maybe not surprising that those in Scotland ride the most each month, what with Scotland being so hilly and scenic, but it’s interesting to see roughly how much people are spending on fuel and that they prefer their local petrol stations over those that can be found on the motorways – every little helps, after all.”

For more information, visit: www.wmbpride.bike



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