Kawasaki patents a three-wheeled motorcycle

There’s a bunch of patent drawings that have appeared on Italian site motociclismo.it, showing a three-wheeler from Kawasaki – but it doesn’t solve the two-wheels-at-the-front problem in the same way that Yamaha did with its Niken three-wheeler.

In the detailed illustrations, it’s clear that the Kawasaki is going to use a quadrilateral system for the front pair of wheels that allows the front to lean simultaneously but stay parallel to each other at the same time. A lever system means there’s a single front shock absorber, separate from the steering which works for both wheels.


It’s not the first time we’ve seen more on a multi-wheel option from Kawasaki, back in October last year we told you how Kawasaki Italy’s Giavanni Poli (Technical Director) confirmed that a FOUR-wheeled Kawasaki is on the way. Read that article HERE.

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