A West Yorkshire start-up called Shed Rides has released full details of its new electric bike, the Shednought.

The “universal” bike has multiple uses, with modular frame design and customisable electric powertrain.


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Hand-built in West Yorkshire, the road-legal machine combines a stock 5kW continuous/14kW intermittent PMAC motor with a 52v, 4kWh battery pack.

Geared for 55mph, the Shednought provides 125cc-level top speed, but as with all electric bikes, the enormous ‘zero-rpm’ torque from the motor gives the instant drive of a much larger petrol engine.


The bike uses a steel ‘strut’ ‘profile building-block frame allowing the perimeter to be a continuous attachment point to bolt on parts and accessories.

There’s scope for front and rear carriers, bespoke storage racks, trailers: the possibilities are enormous. From a bespoke urban delivery vehicle, to a tradesperson’s city transport, a tech-fan’s commuter or a farmer’s rural runabout, the Shednought can be easily adapted to do them all.


Running gear spec follows the global Pit Bike ‘SDG’ standard – so suspension, brakes, chain, sprockets, wheels and tyres are readily available, meaning replacements or upgrade parts are easily sourced.

The fully-customisable dashboard runs on the popular Android app, Torque Pro, with Bluetooth communication from the Shednought’s ‘accessories’ module, and there’s a range of 12v lighting and switchgear packages. The standard bike weighs 111kg, and range is up to 50 miles with the standard 42kg battery pack option – higher-capacity battery packs are also available.

The firm is taking orders and setting up production for the first ten models as limited-edition prequel Shednought versions

Andy Trainor of Shed Rides said: “From the outset, we wanted to build a short-range utility motorcycle, with a 50mph+ top speed, that evolves the tradition of motorcyclists customising and maintaining their own motorcycles. The Shed One is the perfect commuter or utility motorbike – easily adapted to your specific personal or business purpose. Whether you want total reliability, a transport solution that’s much kinder to the environment, or just enjoy fettling, because you can, this could well be your cup of tea.

“We want to encourage long term ownership and for it to be adaptable to a variety of uses. That’s how SHED ONE has been designed and built, and we’ll be travelling into the future with you every mile of the way.”

Visit www.shedrides.uk for more information.

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