TESTED: Keis G701 Heated Gloves

I’m a recent covert to heated kit. It’s taken me a while to get behind plugging my bike gear in after every ride; I thought it’d be a pain.

But after a couple of months of using Keis’ G701 gloves regularly, I can confirm it’s not. Plus, it’s worth a bit of hassle to ensure your hands stay warm and toasty when the temperature drops.


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I’ve worn them in sub zero temperatures and icy downpours and they’ve handled the lot admirably, keeping me warm and dry. The waterproof outer and 3M Thinsulate insulation are spot on, but it’s the micro carbon fibre heating panels that do the hard work, providing reliable, controllable warmth on the backs of your hands. In really cold temperatures you’re still going to wish your hands were warmer (pairing them with a set of heated grips would be dreamy), but they kick out plenty of heat to combat the worst of the windchill.

You’d think that the heating elements would make the gloves a bit clunky. But they don’t. They’re no different to a pair of quality

winter gloves from one of the big names, and allow plenty of dexterity and feel for delicate handling of the controls. For powering them you’ve got a couple of options. You can either hook the gloves up to your bike’s battery using the cables provided, or you can lump out a little bit extra and get your hands on a battery for each glove. There are advantages to both choices.


I’ve had a go with both options, and being totally honest I preferred the battery set up. Fully charged they’ll do a full day in the saddle, and then you can just plug them in when you get to your destination. Simple. They really are a cracking bit of kit. I’ve been recommending them to all my biker friends –and now I’m recommending them to you.

Tested by: Ross Mowbray / £199.99 / www.keisapparel.com

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